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Craftmanship has always come first at G. Krug & Son Ironworks, Inc. Our customers trust us to supply the best quality beautiful wrought metalwork. What has kept people coming to the little shop on Saratoga St for over 200 years? It's simple: our dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

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G. Krug & Son hand forges the work in our shop right in the heart of Baltimore.

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Everything made here is hand painted by one of our skilled craftsmen. Our competitors use powder coating, which has signifcant drawbacks. Powder coated products cannot be welded and are prone to chipping, which greatly increases rusting. A hand painted finish makes it easier to maintain the beauty and integrity of your investment.

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Work done at G. Krug & Son is made only from the BEST materials, including steel, brass, and cast and wrought iron. We avoid use of fragile materials such as aluminum, plastics, or synthetics in order to guarantee your satisfaction.

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With over 200 years of history, we maintain an extensive inventory of historic finials, locks, and other components, which are exclusive to G. Krug & Son, and the historic Baltimore-Washington area.

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Our master craftmanship, unbeatable experience, and commitment to quality make us your best choice for metalwork and restoration work. While our history is uniquely linked to Baltimore, our products and services are available to anyone anywhere.

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